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How to Unlock Files on Mac (and Folders, of Course)
  1. How to Protect Zip Files in Mac with Password? | OS X Tips
  2. How to Password Protect a Folder on Mac and Prevent Unwanted Access to User Data
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DMG file! How to Use Picture-in-Picture on a Mac. How to Use Siri on Your Mac. Casey January 19, pm. Select New Image. Select Image from Folder. Select the folder you wish to protect and click Open.

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Click on the Encryption menu and click bit AES encryption. Note: This only works for PDF files, not image files. The Encrypt option is not available on the Save dialog box when saving an image. Convert documents, merge or split PDFs, and annotate and sign forms for free on your Mac. Read More on the Print dialog box.

How to Protect Zip Files in Mac with Password? | OS X Tips

This also works for text files and other types of documents, if the Save as PDF option is available in the app. Then, click Security Options on the Save dialog box. On a Mac? Check the Require password to open document box. Click OK.

How to Password Protect a Folder on Mac and Prevent Unwanted Access to User Data

To remove the password from a PDF file protected this way, open the PDF file in Preview and remove the password as mentioned in the previous section. If your answer is yes, let us show you how to protect your Office files. Open the Word file you want to protect, click the Review tab, and then click Protect Document.

On the Password Protect dialog box, enter a Password under Set a password to open this document. You can also require a Password to modify the document. You can also add other Protection to the document and Remove personal information from this file on save. Delete the passwords currently on the Password Protect dialog box and click OK. Read More is slightly different than protecting a Word file. Under Password to open , check the Encrypt this presentation and require a password to open box. On the Set a password for this presentation dialog box, enter a New password , Verify the password, and then click Set Password.

Password protecting a Microsoft Excel workbook is like protecting a PowerPoint presentation, but the dialog box is different. On the File Passwords dialog box, enter a password in the Password to open box. You can also enter a Password to modify to prevent others from making changes to the workbook.

What if you want to password protect an entire folder? Disk Utility is a free app included with your Mac. It makes it easier to work with hard drives and drive images.

Assign permissions to users and groups

Disk Utility can erase, format, repair, and partition hard drives. ISO disc images using your Mac without using any additional software or apps. Put the files you want to protect into a folder and use Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image of the folder. Select the folder you want to encrypt and click Choose. Select the Encryption type bit or bit AES. Enter a Password and then Verify the password on the popup dialog box that displays and click Choose.

A progress dialog box displays and a message saying that the operation was successful when the process is finished. Tip : Or you can right click on the left column to make a password protected folder. Then add files into the secret folder. Step 3: Check the Password Protected Folder.

Now that the folder is password protected by Hidata, to view what's inside the folder, you need to launch Hidata, enter your password and find the folder you need. If you have pictures or videos in the password protected folder, you can browser them directly on Hidata. But if the folder is locked with documents or other files and you need to access the contents, just temporarily unlock the document or file by toggling off the blue button beside the file.

The file will be unlocked and show up on your Mac again for you to edit or view it normally. That's how to password protect folders on Mac with or without Disk Utility. Which method do you prefer? Write down your comment to let us know.


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