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You can find the download link here. Version 4. Bootcamp 5. Bootcamp 6.

Before you begin: obviously this process will work perfectly nine times out of ten, but to be on the safe side make a backup of your entire system disk just in case. Once you run Bootcamp Assistant, you will be prompted for the operations you wish to perform. The first asks if you wish to create a Windows 7 or later install disk onto a USB. The next option is to download the latest Windows support files These enable the finished Windows install to operate the Mac hardware correctly.

If checked, the files will be written to the install USB for installation to the target partition after Windows has installed. The third and final option is to install Windows 7 or later. This is the third step in the process, and this is the actual installation. If you have the space and all tasks are checked, then you are good to go. If you only have one drive and have enough space on your system disk, you can now partition your hard drive based on the available space.

Before you run Boot Camp, Apple recommends you have the latest software update and that you backup your important files. Need help backing up your data? Our sister site Macworld has put together the best software for backing up your files. Time for the main event. If you have a Mac from or later, the process is a bit simpler.

How Apple Boot Camp Works

This method is probably the easiest way to install Windows, but it only works for Macs from and up. To switch between your Mac and Windows partition, hold down the Option key during a boot or reboot sequence to bring up the OS-selection menu.

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While Macs from pre can still run Windows, the installation process is slightly more complex. This method takes a bit of patience so bear with us.

Triple partitioning Mac with OSX and Windows 7

Still having trouble installing Windows? Refer to your Windows documentation for more help. Now that you have both macOS and Windows installed and functioning on your Mac, you can choose which operating system to launch at startup.

Dieter is a staff writer covering consumer tech, apps, and services. Tweet your hate mail to dieterholger. Table of Contents Check system requirements, then buy Windows Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space Check for updates and backup Install Windows How to choose your operating system at startup Show More. Click Storage so you can see how much free space on your hard drive. Check for updates and backup Before you run Boot Camp, Apple recommends you have the latest software update and that you backup your important files.

Click the Apple menu in the upper left and then hit App Store. Go to Updates and install any software updates for macOS.

Restart your computer if prompted. I wanted to dual boot with Windows 7 Home Premium so I bought that to. My advice therefore relates to Mac OS X When going through the Boot Camp install process I chose to set my Windows 7 partition to 80GB as I wanted plenty of space for installing applications. After resizing which took less than a minute the hard drive looked like this. You can see there is now a Mac partition, a Windows partition, and a big empty space. Mac OS X After you have created your shared partition test it from both Windows and Mac OS by writing a file into it from each operating system, and then checking you can read it from the other.

Boot Camp Assistant Version History

You can now use the Shared partition to store any data that you want to share between the two operating systems, such as photos, videos, music and documents. Here is my pre-Lion partition table. Lion tries to install the recovery partition after the Mac OS X drive in my case 2 which shifts the Bootcamp partition to 5. You can prevent the recovery partition from being created by first installing Lion on a removable USB hard disk, and then upgrading the Snow Leopard Mac install.

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How to Install Windows 7 on a Mac with Boot Camp | Pluralsight

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Common Issues with Boot Camp Assistant

Thanks a lot. Changing the partition map may make this disk unbootable using Windows. Hey, thanks for the 3-partition idea. I just created a small shared partition-5GB and now it works. Thanks for that. Hi Matt — Does Windows start booting?

Or does it not even appear on the boot screen when you hold down the key to make the boot screen appear?