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  1. Eschalon: Book I Windows, Mac, Linux game

Posted 21 January - AM.

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Eschalon: Book I Windows, Mac, Linux game

Please log in to reply. The final title in the old school fantasy RPG series gives players the chance to answer questions about four powerful gemstones and the clouded past of the protagonist. If you've played the previous two Eschalon games, then the character system might sound familiar. You still need to eat and drink and repair equipment although these rules can be toggled off , you still need to juggle the best way to see during nighttime and underground explorations torches aren't convenient and frequently "blow out" now , and you can use skill books and trainers to improve your skills and it looks like trainers will take you up to rank 8 now rather than just rank 5 like previously.

Your character can be trained if he has less than five points in the appropriate skill or if he doesn't know the skill.

Cartography is taught by Garrett in Aridell inside the local tavern. Garrett will only train you in Cartography after you have completed his quest to retrieve his sextant. Alchemy is taught by Gamfari and he is also in Bordertown.

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Gamfari is just northeast from Aaron. The last three trainers can be found in Blackwater. Be aware that if you go crazy with the settings, you could very well end up with a file that Eschalon can't deal with, or which has subtle effects on the gameplay which may not be immediately apparent.

This forum post details the current state of mod support in Book III version 1. Right now all the released mods for Books II and III are distributed in a "savegame" format, where you start a new game and then copy the mod files into your save slot.

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  4. The officially-supported modding mechanism will involve using "global" map files put into a "mods" directory - see the forum post for more information about that. If you end up creating new maps for Eschalon, please do the right thing and respect Basilisk Games' wishes in regards to custom content:. Releases signed by B4ABC Note: The tgz and zip versions of the Book 2 Map Editor requires a couple extra packages to work, see the Installation page for more info. Orion Transfer specifically Samuel Williams and Hermann Gundel created a Book 1 character editor for OSX called Goblin Hacker , which looks real nice, and from a visual perspective, at least, puts my app to shame.