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Jeff Gamet is a contributing editor for Design Tools Monthly , the executive summary of graphic design news. Jeff studies, tests and reviews new software and technologies for the Macintosh community as well as the design and print industries. He is a former Pre-press specialist, and has nearly 25 years experience with computer technology.

Jeff trains, lectures and consults on techniques for more efficiently using Mac OS X in creative environments throughout the country. In the rare moments when he can get away from his MacBook Pro, Jeff spends his time climbing and biking in the Colorado mountains. You must be logged in to post a comment. This worked for me: Send anything to print. Open your Keychain Access. I met this problem when I changed my password.

Solved: Can scan, print test pages but not documents - HP Support Community -

The network printer was then no longer functioning, always "Ho d for authentication". The solution is to manually connect to server where your network printer is located, such as smb: Fill it with updated password resolves the problem. I am using mac osx Its intermittent across my environment.

I tried all suggestions given here to overcome the 'Hold for Authentication' message whilst trying to print from macOS Sierra That solved it immediately. No doesn't work.

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I did the critical part about refreshing exactly. Went to terminal and everything worked. Tried to print then looped back for check for authentication. Reviewed again all instructions carefully Prior to this I deleted all HP Your method changed nothing It turned out that my Key Chain was storing my old password. I updated the password corresponding to the printer, and problem solved.

Today I tried to get printing to work from my mac running Yosemite to the printers here at work. The printers are accessed using SMB.

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I could easily add the printers, but when I tried to print, it would accept my username and password for the printer, but then revert straight back to saying "Hold for authentication". Deleting the printers and recreating them didn't fix it. Nor did deleting the associated entries from the OSX keyring help.

Thus the usually recommended steps failed to fix the problem.

Make sure you have all Apple software updates installed

The problem in my case was caused by the print system on the mac from failing to properly negotiate authentication in some way. But here is how I fixed it: Step 1: Try to print something to this printer.

Then open the print queue for the printer, and click on the refresh curly-arrow icon to the right of the job name. It should prompt you for your username and password for the print server, and then revert to "Hold for authentication". This is really important. If you don't try to send a print job and have it stuck in "Hold for authentication" first, strange things can still happen after following the procedure below. For me, I found that the print job would try to print, but the print queue would then immediately become paused, with the print job marked "Ready to print".

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Very frustrating. Step 2: Open a terminal window. Everything we do from here will be done from in the terminal window. Step 3: Find out the name of the printer on the command line by typing the following and pressing return: Find the printer in question in the output. You will see that the names of the print queues have any fancy characters replaced with an underscore. So your print queue name might have lots of underscores in it. The new window will display your current version of macOS. PostScript is the only version of queue available for Mac users - though the new Jan StaffPrint-PS queue is still optimised for performance compared to the previously available queue.

This method uses Keychain to store user credentials, which are used for print job authentication. Mac OS X versions below The only alternative is to use the EveryonePrint system Email Print but issues with output may not be possible to resolve. The Staff Print Queue is successfully setup once credentials are saved to Keychain and print jobs are successfully sent to the print queue for release at a device. A common issue when setting up the Staff Print Queue on macOS is that the print job will appear paused in the print queue on the Mac device, pressing the Resume button will attempt to send the job again but it will continue to fail.

This is caused by incorrect Keychain credentials and can be remedied by the following:. Check that the Date and Time settings are correct on the Mac device, if they are not then the device can not correctly authenticate with the print system. Computing and Information Services. You are in: First, download and install the print driver direct from Hewlett-Packard website Select the appropriate link below to download the Print Driver DMG file, once downloaded select this file to launch the software and install the print driver.

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Download macOS Download Note: If you have any previous versions of the Staff Print Queue, select the queue to highlight it then click the - button to remove it.