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HP Scanjet G3010 Photo Scanner Driver and Software Download For Windows 32 – 64-bit
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I have a mac g4 with both system 9 10 I have a Hewlart Packard scanjet c I installed the new driver from the hp website into the applications.

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I have been using an hp scanjet c on my Mac for several years now, and I just upgraded its operating system to OS X I have a, HP scanner model scanjet working fine on my snowlepoard Macs via Rosetta. Riepilogo di tutti gli scanner HP al momento disponibili per l'acquisto. Include collegamenti per confrontare i prodotti, driver Forum Garanzie. Accueil Forums Forum Mac Accessoires. Vuescan and HP Scanjet c?

HP Scanjet G Photo Scanner Driver and Software Free Downloads

Free drivers for HP Scanjet c Scanner. Select driver to download. Will this work for Scanjet c I would try and download and install that latest driver to see if it will work. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of HP Scanjet drivers.

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Scanner driver for Mac up to OS download drivers. This scanner isn't supported on Mac OS X Select your model from the list and download the driver. Gratitude en chemin.

Posez votre question. The Store team is dedicated to making your on-line buying as convenient as possible. If you have product sales questions, please send us an e-mail. HP claimed I just looked at HP's site for the and there's still nothing there. They have an article that in addition to repeating the bogus "late October" date says the latest software for This doesn't make a much sense to me, but that's what they're saying.

Unfortunately, VueScan's compatibility list says that a is only supported when the HP drivers are also installed, which doesn't help any. SilverFast's web site says it is only supported on Windows platforms. Based on what I've been able to find, you're faced with two bad choices: keep waiting or get a new scanner. I am using VueScan now Response to Adam Ratner's post Welcome to the club. PostScript, separate color ink cartridges, Ethernet I was originally pleased that HP AIO drivers came standard with my recent upgrade to Leopard, but that quickly turned to disappointment the first time I tried to use the scanner, and found that scanning "was not supported in OS But why should I have to revert to obsolete software to regain a feature?

HP Scanjet N6350 Scanner Driver

I can only conclude that HP intentionally crippled scanning on Leopard for its older printers to stimulate sales of newer units. After reading other posts describing Brother's excellent Mac support, when I need another printer, it'll be a Brother. If HP is saying they are working on a driver, consider yourself luckier than some.

My experience is to simply go back to OS After doing a little research on their website, I found this tidbit: Paperless crashes on launching the application are frequently caused by TWAIN drivers that were not problems for Leopard but Snow Leopard is proving to be more finicky. TWAIN drivers are located here:. I did find old versions of scanner drivers in this folder. Once I deleted these old scanner drivers as suggested, the program worked fine with my scanner. Perhaps this advice may solve other problems with HP scanners. I am having a problem getting my HP all-in-one printer to send a scanned file to a shared folder and I am wondering if any MacInTouch readers have been successful.

I am trying to use the printer's Direct Digital Filing to scan a document and get it sent automatically to a directory on my Mac.

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I found the HP how-to here , but I cannot get this to work. A MacInTouch Reader wrote: " Personally, I think it is rather poor that these large companies cannot keep up with the technology. Epson has made Universal binary versions of EpsonScan version 3, but that version doesn't support all their scanners.

Some models older models, I assume are only supported by version 2, which hasn't been updated in a long time and isn't likely to ever have another update.

drivers for hp scanjet 5590p

How hard would it be for them to recompile version 2 as universal? How hard would it be to provide support for all their models in version 3? Maybe these are easy ports and they've simply decided it would be better to tell some customers to upgrade their hardware and accept the bad PR from those who don't like the decision. Or maybe these are really difficult ports and they really can't justify the expense of doing the work without charging money for the upgrade which would also make customers upset and result in bad PR. I would think very poorly of a company that made the former decision.

I would completely understand but still be annoyed if they made the latter decision. But we'll probably never know the truth about this question. I have to take back something I said here on January 4, when I was trying to resolve a Gordion Knot of issues with my older HP printers and a flatbed scanner.

Not all my HP gear began working again with installation of the new suite of printer drivers.

ICA driver available for Apple's Image Capture

I forgot about my Scanjet scanner Now I'll likely never use it again. I have a decent HP OfficeJet multifunction print-scan-copy-fax machine, a little over a year old , that wouldn't always be responsive on USB, so I decided to reconfigure it to be used via ethernet. Well, that much works. And I've tried all the 'whats', believe me. Something in HP's own drivers or code is preventing the scanner from initializing Somehow, updating the HP printer drivers that came to me out of the blue via Software Update resolved my printer issues, but upgrading to the latest HP Photosmart suite of imaging software has killed my standalone scanner accessibility.

Boy, talk about Bloatware! That Photosmart suite is a beached whale of mostly useless stuff. That scanner worked beautifully on both these same machines a month ago. If you go poking around the bowels of HP's folder in Applications, and look into the libraries and frameworks in the system files, you see that HP software is a study in utter chaos.

It's amazing the stuff works at all.

HP chat support started in on this case, but since all my products were out of warranty, they declined to be of assistance without me paying for it. Normally, I would have no problem with that. But on principle I will not pay a dime to a major computer company to solve a problem their own software caused. I will not reward their built-in incompatibility and generally not playing well with OS X in the first place.

https://cnewnesewinee.gq HP makes good hardware. But their Mac software implementation, and support thereof, is abominable. Would a Class Action lawsuit be in order? Have you tried VueScan. It is a wonderful product. I have a 9 year old Canon scanner that works like a charm using VueScan. I'm just a happy user, not affiliated in any way. I second the post from Jack Ziegler: VueScan is the way to go.

Everything now works again, including the negative scanner. Kids are gone to college, so I now have time to scan all the old photos and negatives, as well as digitizing all the VHS C tapes pass thru on Canon camcorder to put them on DVDs. I'll never own another HP scanner ever again.

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That spills over into being dubious about HP-anything on Macs. They dropped support for my standalone flatbed ? Even though Apple System Profiler saw the scanner and there was a scanner. Clunkiest software I have ever used from a major player. Wasn't even compatible with its slightly older version and did not play well with Apple at all I hate to think of how many hours of wasted time I spent plugging and unplugging USB cables and rebooting just to get one or the other Mac to work with an HP product. HP said at the time for a fee! For a product supported on the same two Macs just six months earlier.

I later saw a recipe for doing this Then I found out how hard it was to give away a slightly out of date HP anything, even to starving junior college photo program students. I bought an Epson Perfection v the next week. You've had bad experiences with HP.